Research and Development

One of Abu Dhabi Economic Vision primacies is the ability to respond and adapt to the pace of technological change and harness all research and development capabilities to achieve future competitiveness. In order to achieve this mission, ADEK works with all stakeholders involved from government agencies to academia and relevant industrial sectors to:

  • Build high quality and sustainable system for research and development in Abu Dhabi.
  • Grow human-capital capacity and further develop the knowledge base in research areas of strategic importance.
  • Assist researchers and universities in aligning their research with the strategically targeted sectors.
  • Help source research funding and opportunities for collaboration, and attract pioneering industrial Research & Development institutes to Abu Dhabi.

Our Initiatives

Research Training Workshops

In the effort to build a sustainable research and development system in Abu Dhabi, a series of research and development training workshops are provided for faculty researchers and students in Abu Dhabi that cover research-related topics, including, but not limited to, proposal writing (Grantsmanship), project management, intellectual property rights and commercial exploitation, in addition to the best practices in the publication of research outcomes and results.

Research Training Objectives

  • Writing research proposals to source funding competitively.
  • Protecting intellectual property rights and commercial exploitation.
  • Managing the research process related to projects.
  • Research design and methodology.
  • Writing scientific publications and research papers.
  • Evaluating research projects.
  • Collaborating with industry.