Research and Development

Research and Development

In line with the Abu Dhabi Emirate's vision to be a global beacon for technology, innovation and talent, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) has been mandated with the growth and development of a holistic and world-class Research and Development ecosystem.

Our Research and Development Mandate

  • Collaborate with global partners to find solutions to locally and globally relevant challenges, focusing on the fields of advanced materials, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, sustainability, and food security.
  • Attract and foster some of the world's best researchers and talent to live and work in Abu Dhabi.
  • Establish a globally respected competitive funding platform.
  • Create an innovation lab offering a dedicated space to develop and create prototypes that will facilitate partnerships with the private sector and visiting professor chairs.
  • Build several virtual research institutes (VRI’s) that will connect experts from all over the globe.

Research Programs are funded through Ghadan 21 government accelerator program, aimed at improving Abu Dhabi’s competitiveness in the knowledge and innovation sector.

In January 2020, ADEK awarded over AED 40 million in competitive funding to 54 successful research and development proposals across seven key sectors: Life Sciences (Health, Food and Agriculture), Aerospace, Education and Social Sciences, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Material Sciences & Manufacturing, Energy and Environment