WRO UAE National Robot Olympiad

WRO UAE National Robot Olympiad

WRO UAE National Robot Olympiad is the national version of the international World Olympiad, which is a prominent technology event for students to showcase their technical skills and take part in an excellent learning experience that develops their capabilities.

In line with the UAE’s strategy to prepare a new generation of talent as we transition to a competitive knowledge-based economy, ADEK was appointed the National Organiser of WRO in 2008. Through this event, ADEK aims to help students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills, encourage them to be the future scientists, engineers, makers and inventors and introduce the concept of modern science into educational activities. 

It is the aim of WRO to bring young people from all around the world together to develop their creativity, problem solving skills and other soft skills. This is done through engaging, yet challenging educational robotics competitions. 


Registration to the WRO UAE 2021 is closed. 

For more details about WRO and WRO UAE Competitions, please feel free to contact us by email at wro@adek.gov.ae